Cooking Class Marrakech : Savor the Difference with the Amal Association

Cooking Class Marrakech

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Welcome to Our Committed Culinary Universe

oin us for a deep immersion into Moroccan culture. Our unique cooking classes in Marrakech, in partnership with Amal, an association that goes far beyond mere gastronomy. By participating in our workshops, you will not only discover the art of Moroccan cuisine but also the story of an organization that has won the hearts of many Moroccans and visitors from around the world through its social commitment and exceptional cuisine.

Cooking Class Marrakech, come participate :

Learn to cook Couscous

Learn to cook Tajine

Learn to cook Pastilla

Amal Association: A Reputation for Excellence

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The Amal association is not only recognized for its commitment to women’s empowerment. It is also celebrated for its culinary excellence throughout Morocco. Reviews left by visitors online attest to the exceptional quality of their offering and the positive impact of their mission. Through glowing comments and stories from visitors moved by their experience, Amal has established a reputation for excellence that speaks for itself.

A Community Restaurant in the Heart of Marrakech

In addition to our cooking workshops, Amal runs a community restaurant located in another neighborhood of Marrakech. This charming place not only serves delicious meals prepared by women trained by the organization but also acts as a vehicle for social change, reinvesting its profits into training and empowerment programs. Visiting the Amal restaurant is another way to support their cause while enjoying authentic and tasty Moroccan cuisine.

Our Cooking Classes Marrakech: A Unique Experience

Led by women whose lives have been transformed by the Amal association, our classes offer much more than a simple cooking lesson. They are a window into Moroccan culture, a life lesson, and a gesture of solidarity.

  • Discover the Tajine, Couscous, and Pastilla with personal stories that will enrich your culinary experience. Each dish becomes a story, each recipe a memory.
join us in our cooking class Marrakech

Participate in Our Mission

By signing up for a cooking class at Amal, you’re not just embarking on the adventure of Moroccan cuisine. You’re contributing to a cause that changes lives, supporting both the empowerment of women and Moroccan culinary culture. Your participation is a step towards a better future for the women of Amal and an unforgettable culinary journey for you.

Marrakech Cooking Classes, Join Us

Don’t miss this unique opportunity to cook, learn, and share within our community. Book your place in one of our cooking classes and experience something that goes far beyond gastronomy, an experience that nourishes both body and soul.

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