Visit Agadir through its people

Share unique moments with local craftsmen and chefs and discover the riches of the region.

Our team will connect you with real encounters in Agadir

Immersive activities you won't find anywhere else

Excursions: Off the beaten track, immerse yourself in the authenticity of the encounters around Agadir.

Welcome to Agadir, a Moroccan jewel where discoveries are made in a different way.

ImmersiTravel invites you to discover this magnificent city through unique moments of sharing and immersion with the local community.

Discover Agadir off the beaten track: take part in craft workshops, cook with local chefs and go on unforgettable excursions.

Each experience is a window into the cultural and human wealth of Agadir, offering you an authentic and unforgettable journey. Come and experience Agadir in a different way!

Activities for all tastes

Destinations around Agadir

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The must see

Discover Agadir

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