The secrets of Morocco

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Holidays to Agadir

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Experience the wonders of Morocco

Immerse yourself in the true treasures of Morocco and experience the world-renowned craftsmanship and heritage.

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Things to Do in Agadir?

Discover authentic Morocco with ImmersiTravel, your ally for unique experiences in Agadir. Immerse yourself in local culture, support Moroccan art and heritage, all while creating unforgettable memories.

With ImmersiTravel, every booking is a direct contribution to supporting local talents. Experience Agadir like never before, diving into exciting adventures that highlight the beauty and wealth of this destination.

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Shape Your Art/Decor Object in Limestone

Work the clay and create your pottery

Moroccan Cooking Class in Agadir

Artisanal Experience: Craft Your Babouches

Our top picks in Agadir

Upcyclemo: Create an Art/Decor piece from recycled tires

An exceptional day of fishing from Agadir with Transport + Lunch Included

Learn to cook traditional Moroccan Couscous with a local chef

Crafting Experience: Create YOUR custom-made pair of Babouche

With ImmersiTravel, embark on an adventure to stunning, lesser-known corners of the world that are yet to be discovered by many.

ImmersiTravel is for those who seek to deeply immerse in their travel experiences. For those who crave more than mere memories — but authentic, enriching adventures. So why wait? Survey the map and let it navigate you through the hidden gems of Agadir. A genuine and rewarding voyage is just around the corner!

Souk Agadir El Had

Dive into a kaleidoscope of colors, aromas, and tastes at Agadir's Souk El Had, the pulsating heart of true Moroccan culture.

Kasbat Souss

The Kasbat Souss is not your traditional market. Each object here bears the story of expert hands, precise gestures and centuries-old traditions.

Agadir Medina

Explore Agadir's Medina, a serene haven of historical allure nestled amidst the bustling modern cityscape.

Agadir Oufella

Where remnants of the past meet today's breathtaking views, allow Moroccan history to captivate you.

Each location is a treasure trove, packed with untold tales and time-honoured skills. ImmersiTravel beckons you to unearth these stories, straying from the well-trodden tourist trail.

Stop your search, we’re offering you a passport to adventure. It’s not just a trip, it’s an intimate exploration into the heart of Morocco, a delve into the unseen. Get set for a cultural odyssey that will etch unforgettable human connections in your memory. So, are you all set to dive headfirst into the unfiltered essence of Morocco? From bustling souks to breathtaking natural landscapes, from immersive excursions to unforgettable local encounters.

Unearth untouched hideaways.

Taghazout from Agadir: Just a 30-minute trip

Taghazout, a seaside gem nestled a stone's throw away from Agadir. This charming fisherman's village is...

Visit Tiout (Tioute), just 1.5 hours from Agadir

Tiout, a Berber settlement, houses an ancient Kasbah and a sprawling 1,000-hectare oasis.

Discover, stroll the Paradise Valley Agadir

Situated an hour from Agadir, come discover the natural pools of Paradise Valley during an excursion.

Visit the very famous Croco Park Agadir

The zoological park and botanical garden house 325 Nile crocodiles, a moment to share with the family
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