Agadir medina - the medina Coco Polizzi​

Did you know that Agadir is also home to a richly historical and cultural Medina?

The Medina of Agadir is a historic district that was rebuilt after the devastating earthquake of 1960.

Today, it attracts visitors from around the world with its narrow streets, traditional houses, artisans, and restaurant.

Visit duration: 2 hours
Entrance fee: 40dhs (4 euros) /adult - child: free

The history of Medina Coco Polizzi

Agadir, a coastal city in Morocco, possesses fascinating cultural wealth. Among the city’s must-sees is the new Medina of Agadir, a symbolic and beautiful place.

Agadir medina, formerly located in the heart of the city, was destroyed in the 1960 earthquake. It was replaced by a new development, located in Bensergao, on the other side of the city. This beautiful place respects the millennia-old art of stone developed in the Anti-Atlas and Atlas. It was designed by the Italian-origin architect Coco Polizzi.

The new Medina of Agadir, also known as the Coco Polizzi complex, is a true architectural gem. It faithfully recreates all the features of Moroccan medinas, from winding alleys to bustling souks. The experience is unique since the city’s medina is recent. The stones were meticulously installed, sometimes in complex geometry, on rammed earth.

Despite its undeniable tourist appeal, the Coco Polizzi complex has been sometimes criticized for being artificial. But this place is magical in reality. If only for the interest of its architecture and the fight led by the Sicilian and his daughters.

The departure of the artisans from the Medina of Agadir

However, financial disputes have arisen between the tastefully reconstructed set’s creator and local artisans. As a result, the number of artisans has dwindled. Many have set up in the neighboring artisan village of Kasbah Souss. Unfortunately, fewer than twenty remain. But their products are entirely appealing. Fixed and displayed prices are appreciated. Admittedly slightly higher than those that can be obtained elsewhere, but which have the advantage of artisanal creation.

Due to the decrease in the number of artisans, the crowd is not as dense as the medina deserves. The alleys are even sometimes almost deserted. Nevertheless, the new Medina of Agadir remains a must-visit place.

It”s an exceptional place that allows you to discover Moroccan history, culture, and architecture. Although it is a bit out of town, this place is well worth the detour and an in-depth visit.

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