Agadir Cooking Class: Learn to Cook an Authentic Moroccan Tajine

What to Expect in Agadir Cooking Class?

Join our cozy cooking class in Agadir. Learn to craft an authentic Moroccan tajine with local pros. Then, relish your tasty culinary masterpiece. An unforgettable flavor journey awaits.

  • Warm Welcome: From the moment you step in, embrace the Moroccan vibe. Enjoy fragrant tea and sweet delights.
  • Immersive Intro: Dive deep into Moroccan cuisine. A flavor and tradition medley that will spark your interest.
  • Souk Exploration: Begin a sensory trip at Bensergaou Souk. Let market hues, scents, and buzz inspire your culinary choices.
  • Interactive Cooking Lesson: Don your apron and be the chef of your plate. Our devoted chefs will guide you in crafting your dish.
  • Escape to Kasbat Souss: While your dish simmers to perfection, enjoy a serene break at the Kasbat Souss market.
  • Culinary Celebration: Relish the fruits of your culinary journey. Savor the dish you crafted and share the pride with fellow learners.
  • Unique Experience: Dive into a 3-hour intimate culinary adventure. We host groups of 1-6 ensuring an outstanding experience for all.

Embark on an unforgettable culinary odyssey amidst Moroccan culture. Breathe, taste, learn, and create in Agadir, enchanted by Moroccan flavors. Gear up for a feast that delights your palate and awakens your senses!

3 hours (approx.)

Mobile Ticket

Offered in: English and Arabic

Agadir Cooking Class

Spices souk tajine cuisine
Agadir Cooking Class Vegetable tagine

Moroccan food is an enchanting sensory journey. It’s where ancestral stories, age-old traditions, and diverse influences meet. A flawless symphony of vibrant flavors, vivid colors, and entrancing aromas.

Every dish celebrates vibrant tastes. Imagine the tajine, slow-cooked to perfection. Every ingredient releases aromas, blending into a harmonious flavor dance. The couscous, the Moroccan table king, is a journey through the country. Each grain tells a story, tradition, or treasured secret.

Don’t skip the Moroccan pastries, sweet palate teasers. Honey, almonds, dates, figs, and spices like cinnamon and anise are expertly turned into mouth-melting delights.

And the mint tea? A genuine Moroccan hospitality ritual. It symbolizes friendship and sharing. The dance of mint leaves in the glass, the aroma with every sip, epitomizes Moroccan warmth.

Exploring Moroccan cuisine is not just tasting food. It’s diving into culture, history, understanding its people, and their generosity. Are you ready for this exquisite culinary voyage?

A Few Moroccan Tajines

Agadir Cooking Class :

  • All Cooking Essentials: Dive in with everything you need for your tajine. But remember, enthusiasm and appetite are the key ingredients!
  • Master Chef Guidance: Venture on this culinary journey under the wing of an expert chef. He’ll share secrets for a memorable tajine.
  • Cultural Immersion: More than a cooking class, it’s truly a culinary heritage voyage.
  • Homecooked Feast: Relish the tajine you prepared, a flavor explosion of your own making.
  • Presentation Skills: Next, learn to plate your tajine professionally. Impress your next guests with newfound skills.
  • Mint Tea Ceremony: Conclude by preparing and sipping traditional mint tea. A truly Moroccan shared moment.
  • Small Group Experience: Finally, enjoy the intimacy of a session limited to six. Personal learning and rich interactions assured. So, book now as spots fill fast!
  • Transport: Your trip to the workshop isn’t included. However, for a hassle-free experience, we offer round-trip transportation for an additional €10 from your Agadir accommodation.
  • Additional Drinks: Regarding extra orders, remember you can always order more dishes or drinks onsite. However, they’ll be at your expense.
  • Tip: An optional way to thank our devoted chef.
  • Cooking Attire: You’re free to bring your apron or chef’s hat for this culinary adventure.
  • Additional Orders: Any extra orders will be on you.

Agadir Cooking Class: Meeting Point & Pickup

Once booked, you’ll receive a confirmation email. It’ll have your booking details and the workshop address. We recommend arriving 15 minutes early. The workshop is in Agadir city.

L’atelier se trouve dans la ville d’Agadir.

For your convenience, we’d be happy to arrange round-trip transport between your stay and the activity.

When booking, please provide your full address in the comments so we can plan the pickup.

Remember, there’s an additional fee of €10 per vehicle for the round trip. We look forward to ensuring a smooth travel experience for you.

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