Couscous Cooking Class in Agadir: Learn to make authentic couscous in Agadir.

What to expect from a couscous cooking class in Agadir?

Agadir Couscous Cooking Class : Dive into the culinary journey in Agadir. Learn to craft this iconic dish with local experts. Then, savor your masterpiece, a true taste sensation.

  • Heartfelt Welcome Be charmed at the door by the scent of mint tea, a symbol of unmatched Moroccan hospitality. Our delicate appetizers, more than a treat, are your first step on this culinary journey, infused with love and tradition.
  • Journey Through Time Couscous, a timeless heritage, reveals its story. Traverse generations and see how this dish has rooted itself deeply in Moroccan culture.
  • Market Adventure Agadir’s market is a living tapestry of traditions. Amidst vibrant stalls, vendors share ingredient secrets, making each purchase a valuable lesson.
  • Heart Workshop Under our passionate chefs’ guidance, each prep step becomes an act of love. Join this culinary dance where every ingredient plays its tune.
  • Cultural Break: While your couscous cooks to perfection, enjoy a local craft introduction.
  • Feast for the Senses Tasting time, where every couscous flavor celebrates your culinary journey. A taste explosion highlighting sharing and passing down traditions.
  • A Precious Moment Our promise: an intimate experience. In our small groups, each attendee immerses in Moroccan magic for a memorable adventure.

4 hours (approximately)

Mobile ticket

Offered in: English and Arabic

Couscous Cooking class: Learn to make couscous in Agadir

Moroccan Couscous

Seen as the Moroccan cuisine’s soul, couscous is more than a dish. It symbolizes harmony, family, and tradition. Served at grand events and reunions. Each bite holds a story, tradition, and unique expertise.

Cooking class Agadir

Couscous Cooking Class in Agadir

  • All essentials: We provide all ingredients and tools for an unforgettable couscous. Your passion and curiosity are the only added ingredients!
  • Expert Guidance: Our local chefs guide you, revealing perfect couscous secrets.
  • Full Immersion: More than a cooking lesson, it’s a trip through Moroccan culture.
  • Couscous to Relish: Enjoy your creation, a dish you’ll proudly share.
  • Table Art: Learn traditional and aesthetic couscous presentation.
  • Tea Ritual: As always, conclude with the art of Moroccan mint tea.
  • Intimate Experience: With groups limited to six, each session is personal and unforgettable.
  • Transportation: Your journey to the workshop isn’t included. However, for a hassle-free experience, we offer round-trip transportation for an additional €10 from your accommodation in Agadir.
  • Extra Drinks: Regarding additional orders, remember, you can always order more dishes or drinks on site. But, these will be at your expense.
  • Tips: An optional way to thank our devoted chef.
  • Cooking Attire: Feel free to bring your apron or chef’s hat for this culinary adventure.
  • Additional Orders: Any extra order will be at your charge.

Agadir cooking class : Meeting Point and Pick-up

Once your activity is booked, you’ll receive an email with your reservation and the workshop address. We advise you to arrive 15 minutes early.

The workshop is located in the city of Agadir.

For your convenience, we’ll happily arrange round-trip transportation between your accommodation and the activity.

Please provide your full address in the comments when booking so we can plan your pick-up.

Please note, there will be an additional charge of €10 per vehicle for round-trip transport. We look forward to offering you a smooth and pleasant travel experience.

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