Create your own pair of custom-made leather shoes (Moroccan babouche, sandals, moccasins, ...)

A creative activity at the heart of Moroccan culture awaits you in Agadir!

Imagine leaving with a pair of Moroccan babouche, so far, nothing extraordinary. Except that these will be crafted by you, from choosing the sole to the color of the stitches. 100% customizable! 

You can also create another pair of leather shoes such as moccasins or sandals, see photos.

About this Activity

Free Cancellation

Cancel up to 24 hours in advance for a full refund.

Book now, pay on-site

Plan with peace of mind: book now and pay on-site.

Duration: 2 hours

Check availability to see start times


French, English, Arabic

Wheelchair accessible

moroccan babouche
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  • Create the pair of leather shoes of your dreams. Moccasins, Sandals, Babouches, …
  • Learn how to make Moroccan babouche in a leather workshop
  • Discover Moroccan craftsmanship with a local expert
  • Take your pair of shoes home with you
  • Explore the charm of Moroccan heritage with our exclusive made-to-measure leather shoe workshop in Agadir.
  • Take an active role in creating your own pair of Moroccan babouche and sandals, reflecting your unique personality.
  • Choose raw materials such as the sole, leather patterns and colours, as well as the colour of the stitching.
  • Learn how to assemble these elements under the guidance of expert craftsmen.
  • Enjoy in-depth personal experience in a 2-hour session, limited to 3 participants for individual attention.
  • Even if the workshop time isn’t enough to complete your babouches, our craftsmen will take care of perfecting your creation.
  • Receive your finished leather shoes within 24 hours, ready to be collected from the workshop or delivered free of charge to your hotel in Agadir.
  • This experience offers total immersion in Moroccan craftsmanship, combined with a pair of personalised shoes, a unique souvenir of your trip.
  • Tea or coffee break
  • Guided 2-hour creation session High-quality materials
  • Craftsmanship expertise
  • Hotel delivery in Agadir
  • A pair of personalized
  • Moroccan slippers

Once your reservation is made, you will receive the exact address of the workshop.

We can arrange your round-trip transfer from your hotel or accommodation in Agadir for €10.

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Reviews :

Nouvelles sandales en Cuir

9 May 2024

Pour la 1ere fois de ma vie, je me suis fait confectionner des sandales sur mesure 😂

Grâce à immersiTravel !

A l’atelier de confection de chaussures, babouches… au village des artisans : Kasbah Souss à Agadir !

Des marocains trop gentils, accueillants et efficaces 😀

J’y retourne en octobre prochain 🌞

Isabelle G


10 February 2024

Ce fut une expérience merveilleuse et je la recommande, à travers laquelle vous découvrirez l’essence de l’artisanat traditionnel marocain.

Foufah Med

Fino alla fine!

24 October 2023

È incredibile, davvero, abbiamo un paio di babouche unico! Io ne ho fatto un paio con il logo della Juventus (Fino alla fine!) e la mia ragazza un paio con un gatto disegnato. Quando siamo venuti a ritirarli, c’era un piccolo problema di cucitura su uno, ma nel tempo di bere un tè è stato risolto. Lo consigliamo vivamente.

Emilio F

Moroccan Babouche:

Ah, Moroccan babouches! They truly embody exoticism and local craftsmanship. Generations of Moroccans have worn them for centuries.

Indeed, who has not been seduced by the elegant and refined design of babouches? With their curled tip that slightly rises over the toes. These soft, supple leather shoes offer unparalleled comfort, ideal for strolling through the picturesque streets of Moroccan souks.

But babouches are not just practical; they are also a true symbol of local Moroccan craftsmanship. Their shimmering colors and intoxicating geometric patterns. Each pair is unique, crafted carefully by talented artisans who perpetuate ancestral traditions.

By wearing Moroccan babouches, you also take a journey through time. To an era when simplicity and raw beauty were the most important values. Indeed, these shoes are a living testimony to the cultural richness of Morocco, its tradition of craftsmanship, and its unique expertise.

So don’t hesitate and give in to the allure of Moroccan babouches. They are a real treasure for the eyes and feet, and a symbol of the charm and exoticism of this beautiful region of the world!

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