Discover the Croco Park of Agadir: A fascinating adventure in the heart of crocodiles and exotic nature.

Located near the beautiful city of Agadir, Croco Park offers a fascinating adventure.

Perfect for nature lovers, reptile enthusiasts, and families in search of unique experiences. Explore its exotic botanical gardens and get up close to its 350 Nile crocodiles..

Entry fee: Adults: 80 Dhs (8 euros) - Children: 50 Dhs (from 3 to 12 years old)
Open all year 7 days a week

Step through the entrance of Croco Park and plunge into an extraordinary adventure. The gigantic crocodile mouth greets you, inviting you to discover this captivating world. You will find yourself face to face with crocodiles in the botanical garden, surrounded by a lush jungle.

Follow the carefully marked 600-meter-long tour to observe the crocodiles in their daily activities: sunbathing, swimming, and impressive meals. Information panels will guide you and provide you with in-depth knowledge about the crocodiles and the park’s flora.

The park will continue to surprise you throughout your walk. Admire a majestic waterfall, explore the treasure cave that will delight children. You can rest in the areas set up along the route. If you’re observant, you’ll discover crocodile tracks and other animals that will pique your curiosity.

The botanical garden of Croco Park Agadir

Croco Park’s botanical garden is another highlight. It houses more than 300 species of exotic plants from around the world. So, travel through the five thematic gardens and let yourself be captivated by the intoxicating scents of jasmines, gardenias, and other fragrant plants.

The Cactus Garden

Croco Park Agadir is not just about crocodiles, you can explore the Cactus Garden. New spaces such as “The place of African Aloes” and “The place of Elephant’s feet from America”. For a thrilling experience, climb high on the “Monkey Bridge”, a suspended course offering unique views of the landscapes.

The snake cave

Among the park’s other attractions, discover the Snake Cave. Here, you won’t see grass snakes, but anacondas and giant pythons. You’ll see them evolve in an environment that reproduces their natural habitat.

The Marmoset House

Meet the adorable white-tufted marmosets in the Marmoset House. A touch of sweetness and cuteness with these adorable little monkeys. Nearby, there are playgrounds specially designed for children to play safely.

Workshops for children

Bébé crocodile

Croco Park also offers educational activities for all ages. Children’s workshops offer creative and fun activities to immerse yourself in the world of crocodiles while having fun. Visit the laboratory and the nursery where specialists will reveal the secrets of breeding crocodiles and raise awareness of their conservation.

Restaurants on site

The park has several dining options to satisfy all your culinary desires. “La Table du Croco” offers you a unique gastronomic experience with a terrace overlooking the crocodile pools. Admire these impressive creatures while savoring refined dishes. The treasure cave also offers a delicious culinary experience for small appetites.

Additional information Croco Park Agadir

Croco Park is open all year round, offering an opportunity to discover each season. Enjoy practical services such as nearby parking, public restrooms, and a space reserved for babies. Accessibility is complete for people with reduced mobility and families with strollers, for an optimal visit.

Please note that for health and safety reasons, pets are not allowed in the park.

Agadir’s Croco Park goes beyond a simple crocodile park. It’s an immersive experience that transports you to a fascinating world. Where nature and crocodiles come together to offer unforgettable moments. Whether you are alone, with friends or family, get ready to live a unique adventure and create unforgettable memories at Croco Park Agadir!

Location Croco Park Agadir

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