Paradise Valley Agadir

Where is the Paradise Valley located?

Agadir’s Paradise Valley is located approximately an hour and a half away from the city of Agadir, nestled within the Anti-Atlas mountains.

Update: 24/05/2023. Agadir hasn't seen much rain in the last few years, or at least only a small amount. As a result, Paradise Valley is short of water, so don't expect it to be as lush as the images you might find.

How to get to Agadir's Paradise Valley ?

To reach Paradise Valley Agadir, a stunning valley surrounded by mountains and natural waterfalls, we recommend renting a car or joining an organized tour from Agadir.

When you come to visit the valley, you’ll have the opportunity to explore rivers and waterfalls while soaking in the region’s natural beauty.

The local Berbers have built charming wooden bridges for crossing the rivers and even marked out friendly pedestrian paths for visitors.

Just imagine the splendor of Paradise Valley, offering breathtaking panoramic views of majestic mountains. The graceful waterfalls and sparkling streams are all shrouded in lush vegetation. You’ll see palm trees, almond trees, and argan trees thriving harmoniously.

But that’s not all! Adventurers who venture here can immerse themselves in the incredible Berber culture. You’ll be able to taste delicious traditional dishes and discover the remarkable local craftsmanship.

Remember, Paradise Valley isn’t just an ordinary coastal area. It’s a peaceful retreat in the mountains. It’s a true oasis of coolness where you can refresh yourself by swimming in the natural pools of clear, soothing water.

Prepare yourself for an unforgettable experience in the heart of this marvelous valley!

Some photos

Restaurant Agadir

Agadir is the closest city to Paradise Valley, a vibrant seaside town often referred to as Moroccan Miami.

It offers beautiful fine sandy beaches and a promenade lined with cafes and restaurants. Agadir is also known for its traditional souks and Medina. Visitors can discover local products there, including argan oil. This precious oil is used in both cooking and cosmetics.

If you’re looking for an all-inclusive experience, Agadir offers many hotels and resorts, such as the Riu or Sofitel Agadir Thalassa Sea & Spa.

Finally, for those wishing to explore more of the Agadir region, there are many tours available. You can discover the mountainous regions of the Atlas and Anti-Atlas, as well as the Merzouga desert.

In summary, Paradise Valley is an ideal getaway for travelers seeking a change of scenery and sunshine. It is only 1.5 hours away from Agadir. Southern Morocco has a lot to share with you.

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