Things to do in Taghazout

plage et surf Taghazout

Things to do in Taghazout

Taghazout, a coastal village situated along the Atlantic Ocean in Morocco. This little fishing village has been increasingly attracting travellers year on year, especially those interested in surfing, be they beginners or experienced surfers. Less than 20 km from Agadir and its international airport, Taghazout is easily accessible by bus, taxi, or car.

This comprehensive travel guide for Taghazout is specifically designed for low to medium budget travellers. Those who wish to save on their stay while supporting the local residents, who largely contribute to the beauty and authentic atmosphere of Taghazout Bay. Unlike the huge hotel complexes that threaten the tranquillity of the village, this guide will direct you towards more pleasant local options.

At the end of this article, you’ll find information about the best time to visit Taghazout. You’ll also find suggestions for affordable accommodation, restaurant recommendations, and activities to do in the village and its surroundings. Make the most of this advice to plan your trip and discover all that Taghazout has to offer!

In Taghazout, the numerous surfing spots cater to beginners (Panorama or Banana Beach) as well as intermediates/experienced surfers (Anchor Point, Tamri).

We’ll share our tips for finding affordable accommodations and the best places to eat without spending too much. But you’ll also find ideas for activities in Taghazout, whether they’re free (the beaches of Taghazout are fantastic!) or paid, because we’re here to enjoy it as well!

We’ll also answer the most common questions, like the best time to go to Taghazout, how to get there, and of course, things to do in Taghazout.

When to go to Taghazout? Weather conditions and surfing season

When it comes to going to Taghazout, it’s important to distinguish two aspects: the general climate to enjoy the vast beaches of Taghazout, play football with the locals and indulge in water sports, as well as the surf season. Although the majority of us aren’t experts, Taghazout is a fantastic place to take surf lessons, with many surf schools and surf camps set up in the area.

General climate and weather in Taghazout:

Taghazout enjoys a pleasant, sunny and dry climate most of the year. During our week-long stay in Taghazout before heading to the port city of Essaouira and surfing in Imsouane for a month, it hardly rained once during our month and a half there (in August/September).

From a weather point of view, the climate in Taghazout is as follows:

taghazout maroc climat meteo

Summer: Hot, even very hot, with the advantage of having refreshing winds thanks to its location along the Atlantic coast.

When to surf in Taghazout?

If you’ve heard of Taghazout, there’s a good chance you’re interested in surfing. It’s one of the main reasons why this Moroccan village has become popular. However, even if surfing is not your thing, Taghazout remains a pleasant village to visit for a few days. The surf season is in full swing in Taghazout during the winter (and along the Moroccan coast in general). When I mention the high surf season, I’m referring to the big waves that delight experienced surfers.

The surf season is in full swing in Taghazout during the winter (and along the Moroccan coast in general). When I mention the high surf season, I’m referring to the big waves that delight experienced surfers.

For beginner and intermediate surfers, there’s no need to go to Taghazout only in December/January/February (high surf season). The waves are usually good from October/November until March/April, which will satisfy most of those who want to try surfing.

We arrived at the end of August and there were not many, if any, waves. Some spots work a little better (we were able to surf a bit at Devil’s Rock), but nothing extraordinary.

I talk more about surfing in Taghazout and the different spots suitable for different levels later in this article!

How to get to Taghazout?

Now that you know when to go to Taghazout, it’s time to find out how to get there. Of course, from Europe, the easiest option is to fly.

Flights to Agadir (nearest airport Agadir-Al-Massira):

If you’re considering going to Taghazout, the simplest solution is to arrive at Agadir airport. This airport is the third busiest in Morocco, after Casablanca and Marrakech. Just 3 hours from France, air tickets are very affordable (around 80 to 100 € if you book early enough).

Getting to Taghazout from Agadir Airport

Agadir-Al Massira International Airport → Inezgane Bus Station → Salam Square Slaughterhouse District → Taghazout

En pratique, il existe trois moyens de se rendre de l’aéroport d’Agadir à Taghazout :

Vous pouvez choisir parmi ces trois options en fonction de vos préférences et de votre budget.

Rent and pick up a rental car at the airport:

This is the quickest method. Simply rent a car at the airport and drive to Taghazout yourself. Prices average around 20€ per day. However, you can visit Facebook groups like Les bons plans a Agadir and post a request, you’ll get an answer within the hour. This is a cost-effective way to rent a car.

Opt for a taxi :

The simplest, most convenient, and fastest method to get to Taghazout is to take a taxi. It takes about 2 hours to cover the 50 kilometers to Taghazout, but this can vary depending on traffic.

As for the price, a taxi from Agadir-Al-Massira airport to Taghazout will cost about 300 to 450 MAD (Dirhams), or about 30 to 45 €. The price can vary depending on the number of people and your negotiation skills.

It is also possible to book a transfer from Agadir airport, where a driver will wait for you at the airport and drive you directly to Taghazout. This option allows you to organize your transport in advance and avoid hassle.

Taking the bus

Since June 2023, the company Alsa has created the first direct line between Al-Massira airport and the city center of Agadir. Alsa is known for its modern bus fleet and quality customer service.

Departures are guaranteed every hour from Agadir airport, up to 1 a.m. This airport shuttle serves 12 main bus stops, allowing travelers to choose their destination according to their needs.

The fare is 50 Dhs (5€) for a one-way trip and 80 Dhs (8€) for a round trip.

Our advice for getting to Taghazout by bus :

  1. Take the Alsa bus at the airport exit towards Agadir
  2. Get off at the stop : Entree Founty
  3. Take a taxi to Abbatoir station (4 dhs 0.40€)
  4. At the Abbatoir Taxi station, take a large taxi to Taghazout (10 Dhs / person)
que faire a Taghazout

Aéroport international Agadir-Al Massira → Station Entrée Founty → Place Salam Quartier Battoir  → Taghazout

Where to stay in Taghazout?

Due to the popularity of surfing in Taghazout, a variety of accommodation options have emerged, including guesthouses, Airbnbs, hostels, and numerous surf camps/Surfhouses.

In addition, several hotels have also set up in the vicinity of the village, offering options for different budgets.

Hostels and surf houses Taghazout :

Naturally, this is the ideal option for solo travelers and those who wish to meet new people. Hostels in Morocco often have a friendly atmosphere. Rates start at 7-8€ per person per night. Check out Hostelworld to find all the good deals.

Surf camps:

If you are a solo traveler with a sufficient budget, surf camps can offer very interesting deals. However, you need to budget around 350 to 400 € per week, which includes surf lessons with board rental, yoga sessions, and many other activities.

Airbnb :

The Airbnb platform allows you to rent entire homes or rooms in a local’s home. It’s an economical and quieter solution than hostels.

Hotel in Taghazout:

2 rooms 2 atmospheres. In the village of Taghazout, you will find small typical hotels that are a bit old but authentic. In Taghazout Bay, you will find luxury complexes like Riu, Fairmont, Hyatt, …

What to do in Taghazout?

Hiking :

Hiking enthusiasts will be delighted to tackle the Atlas Mountains, offering breathtaking panoramas and picturesque trails. You can explore unspoiled natural landscapes and immerse yourself in the beauty of the region.

Cultural immersion :

For a cultural immersion, visit the bustling souks of Agadir, where you can unearth artisan treasures, exotic spices, and unique souvenirs. Let yourself be seduced by the authenticity and diversity of local crafts.

Cooking class :

If you are passionate about cooking, take advantage of the cooking classes available in Taghazout to learn the secrets of traditional Moroccan dishes. You will have the opportunity to discover the unique flavors of local cuisine and bring home new culinary skills.

Skate park :

In Taghazout, a great skate park has been built and its location is breathtaking. It is located on top of a hill, offering two different spectacles. Skaters in action and a stunning view of Taghazout and the ocean.

Boat trip :

Lovers of marine fauna will not be left out with scuba diving excursions, where you can explore the seabed and meet a variety of fascinating creatures. And for an even more magical experience, embark on a boat ride to observe dolphins in their natural environment.

Playing golf :

For golf enthusiasts, Taghazout offers internationally renowned golf courses, offering exciting challenges and panoramic views of the ocean. Whether you are a beginner or a seasoned golfer, you will appreciate the beauty of Taghazout’s golf courses.

Yoga :

For those seeking relaxation and well-being, Taghazout also houses yoga retreats where you can recharge, connect with yourself, and find inner balance. Practice yoga in inspiring settings, with a view of the ocean or surrounded by calming nature.

Surfing and enjoying the beaches :

In addition to all the surf spots, Taghazout offers you superb large sandy beaches. So what’s better for sunbathing?

Where to eat in Taghazout ?

Several choices will be offered to you! There are mainly 2 types of places to eat. The main street and the alleys and the seaside restaurants. As you know, the view pays.

The restaurants in the main street and the alleys of the village will offer you more affordable prices, you will have the possibility to eat for 20 – 25 dhm (2 – 2.5€).

The seaside restaurants are a bit more expensive with rates starting at 50 – 60 dhm (5 -6€).

It’s up to you to make the choice and vary if you wish.

Taghazout: Review and Advice

I want to emphasize our real enthusiasm for Taghazout. Although we enjoyed our stay, we believe a few days are enough to enjoy the beaches, the atmosphere, and the activities. If you’re there to surf during the high season, you won’t get bored.

Overall, my opinion is very positive, and I highly encourage you to discover this little village rather than succumbing to the big resorts and hotels that are multiplying. By going to the heart of Taghazout, you also support the local economy which depends on tourism and vacationers.

I sincerely hope that this article has been useful and interesting. I noticed that there are few articles or “comprehensive guides” on Taghazout in French, so I hope I have filled this gap satisfactorily !

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