Agadir Pottery Workshop : Clay, a Living Heritage

What to expect from the Agadir pottery workshop?

Immerse yourself in the artistic soul of Agadir by taking part in our exceptional pottery workshops. 

Experience an immersive journey where tradition meets creativity. 

We invite you to explore the age-old techniques of clay modeling. 

Guided by passionate local artisans, you’ll have the opportunity to create your own clay masterpiece.

About this activity

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Duration 1.5 hours

Check availability to see start times


French, English, Arabic

Wheelchair accessible

Agadir Workshop
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Agadir Pottery Workshop

  • Learn to use the pottery wheel.
  • Discover Moroccan craftsmanship with a local expert.
  • Take home 2 pieces you’ve created (bowl, cup, tagine, etc.).
  • Feel free to let the artisans know if you want to create a specific piece.
  • Immersed in Tradition: Pottery is a cornerstone of Morocco’s rich cultural heritage. In Agadir, dive into the heart of this ancient art.

  • Personal Creations: During this workshop, each participant will have the opportunity to create 2 unique pieces. Whether it’s cups for enjoying your tea, a tagine to relive Moroccan flavors at home, or a bowl adorned with traditional patterns, you’ll be guided step by step to create your masterpieces.

  • Awakening the Senses: Feel the freshness of local clay under your fingers, listen to the gentle hum of the wheel, and smell the scent of damp earth. Each sensation tells a story of Agadir.

  • Craftsmanship in Action: With the help of our expert potters, transform this clay. From wheel throwing to sculpting, each step is a discovery.

  • All Artists: Whether you’re a novice or an expert, pottery is accessible to everyone here.

  • Make, We’ll Finish: Create today, and entrust us to dry and finish your works. We then prepare your unique souvenir, ready to be picked up or shipped (additional charges apply outside Agadir).

  • Tea or Coffee
  • Break Guided 1.5-hour
  • Creative Session High-Quality Materials
  • Artisanal Expertise
  • Hotel Delivery in Agadir
  • 2 Pieces You’ll Create

Once your booking is confirmed, you’ll receive the exact address of the workshop.

We can arrange round-trip transfers from your hotel or accommodation in Agadir for €10.


Our workshop is generally designed for a maximum of 3 people to ensure a personalised experience. However, if your group is larger, especially if there are children present, we can accommodate you! Just send us an email and we’ll make all the necessary arrangements with our craftsmen to ensure you get the most out of this experience with your family or friends.

[email protected]

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Agadir Pottery Workshop Reviews :

5.0 out of 5 stars (based on 18 reviews)
Very good0%

Amazing Pottery Class

6 April 2024

We had an amazing experience, the people are lovely! They love to help, love to tell you where to go and give u a beautiful tour of all the lovely shops where all the 100% homemade items are. We made 3 items including a vase, a plated and a bowl. The staff are lovely and our pick up was on time and Mehdi was just lovely! Couldn’t recommend enough 🙂

Mia T

Super accueil

10 March 2024

Super accueil et avant cela réactivité ++ bonne prestation

Maroua D

Super fun and unforgettable

10 March 2024

It was an immaculate experience, Mehdi was super nice and helpful and lm3elem too .

They made the experience super fun and unforgettable.

Mariam Abaibat

Agadir’s clay is a superior quality clay, highly valued by local potters for its fine texture and ability to produce strong, durable pieces. Local potters extract the clay in the Agadir area, in the region’s quarries, then prepare and knead it.

Agadir’s clay is rich in minerals and trace elements, providing beneficial properties for health and skin. The cosmetic and dermatological industries use it for its absorbing and cleansing properties, as well as for its soothing effects on sensitive skin.

In pottery, artisans use Agadir’s clay to create a wide variety of objects, ranging from bowls and vases to carafes and tagines. Thanks to their expertise in using this clay, local potters create unique and authentic pieces that reflect the richness and diversity of Moroccan culture.

Many consider Agadir’s clay, which plays a key role in Moroccan pottery, as one of the best clays for creating superior quality ceramic pieces.

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