Marrakech Ceramics Zellige Workshop: Master the Art of Moroccan Ceramic Tiles

Marrakech Ceramics Zellige Workshop: What to Expect?

Dive into the heart of Moroccan craftsmanship with our exclusive zellige workshop in Marrakech. Discover the ancient art of zellige, renowned for its sophisticated geometric patterns and vibrant colors, all under the guidance of local master artisans. This experience will introduce you to the traditional techniques of this decorative art. From selecting and cutting ceramic shards to assembling them to create dazzling patterns.

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Duration 3H

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French, English, Arabic

Not wheelchair accessible

Marrakech Ceramics Zellige Workshop

  • Expert Guidance: Learn from artisans who have inherited their skills through generations.
  • Personal Creation: Make your own zellige piece to take home.
  • Cultural Immersion: Discover the history and cultural significance of zellige.
  • Conviviality: Enjoy moments of sharing around local snacks.

The workshop begins with an introduction to the history of zellige, followed by a demonstration of basic techniques. Under the careful supervision of your artisan, you will move on to the practical work: selecting colors, cutting shards, and assembling your piece. This process not only stimulates creativity but also offers a window into the soul of Moroccan culture. The workshop is an immersive experience, where each participant leaves with a unique piece, a testament to their learning.

  • Materials and Tools: Everything you need to create your artwork.
  • Assistance from a Master Artisan: Expert help at every step of the process.
  • Local Snacks: Enjoy homemade cakes during the workshop.
  • Workshop Souvenir: Leave with your creation and photographic memories of your experience.

The workshop is held in Marrakech, in a space dedicated to art and creation. Precise details of the meeting place will be provided upon your booking, ensuring easy access and a hassle-free experience from the start.

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