Pottery Class Marrakech : Immersion in Moroccan Craftsmanship

Pottery Class Marrakech

What to expect at the Pottery Class Marrakech ?

Join us and take part in our pottery class in Marrakech. Open to beginners and experienced potters alike, this workshop is an invitation to explore the age-old art of pottery. We offer an immersive experience in the rich cultural heritage of Marrakech. Come discover, learn, and create, and leave with unique pieces that tell the story of your artistic journey.

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Duration: 2H

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French, English, Arabic

Wheelchair accessible

Pottery Class Marrakech

Agadir cours et atelier de poterie
Play Video about Agadir cours et atelier de poterie
  • Discovering Ancient Techniques: Get introduced to the basics of Moroccan pottery, from clay preparation to shaping.
  • Hands-on Wheel Experience: Take control of the pottery wheel to shape clay into artworks, guided by experienced artisans.
  • Creative Expression: Decorate your creations drawing inspiration from traditional Marrakech patterns.
  • Finishing Techniques: Learn about glazing and firing to complete your pieces.
  • Memories to Take Home: After drying for 3 to 4 days, take home up to three pieces (bowls, plates, tagines), embodiments of your artistic experience.

Dive into the heart of Moroccan craftsmanship with our exclusive pottery workshop in Marrakech. ImmersiTravel invites you to a unique experience, where you can shape clay with your hands under the guidance of local master potters. This is an invitation to uncover the ancient secrets of Moroccan pottery, in a warm and authentic atmosphere.

  • Tea or coffee break
  • 2-hour guided creation session
  • High-quality materials
  • Artisanal expertise
  • Delivery to your hotel in Marrakech
  • 2 pieces you have created.

Once your booking is made, you will receive the exact address of the workshop.

We can organize your round-trip transfer from your hotel or accommodation in Marrakech for €10

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