Desert Zagora from Agadir or Taghazout, a 2-day ALL-INCLUSIVE tour!

Zagora Desert from Agadir

Zagora desert from Agadir or Taghazout. Get ready for an extraordinary adventure in the Moroccan desert! Our exclusive 2-day tour from Agadir or Taghazout is designed for adventurous travelers. Eager to taste the magic of the desert without sacrificing comfort. Immerse yourself in a world where each dune tells a story, and every star lights your way to unforgettable memories.

Day 1: Agadir - Taroudant - Taliouine - Taznakhet - Draa Valley - Agdaz - Zagora

2 Days

Mobile ticket

Offered in: French, English, Polish, German, Russian, and Arabic

Agadir Mountain Excursion

Zagora Desert from Agadir or Taghazout: A Majestic World Unveils

The adventure begins as soon as you leave Agadir, delving into a majestic landscape sculpted by the High Atlas Mountains. Every turn reveals breathtaking panoramas, setting the stage for an extraordinary escape.

Taroudant Art

Taroudant: Gateway to the Past

Your first stop in Taroudant, a fortified city, is an intoxicating taste of Moroccan history. The ochre ramparts, remnants of a distant era, welcome every traveler into a mystical past. Explore the bustling streets and pass through imposing gates to discover the fascinating tales hidden behind every corner of this enchanting city.

Tislit Gorges in Taliouine

Taliouine: Saffron Capital, a Luxurious Elixir

Head to Taliouine, the saffron capital, where the secrets of this precious spice are revealed. Explore the golden saffron fields, delve into the harvesting process, and be enchanted by the unique scent of this rare spice. The well-deserved break in Taznakhet will immerse you in Berber gastronomy, an explosion of flavors to awaken your taste buds.

Draa Valley Excursion

Draa Valley: A Spectacular Landscape

The Draa Valley unveils itself with its winding rivers and lush palm groves, forming a spectacular landscape. Cross Agdaz, a silent guardian of centuries past, with its centuries-old kasbahs and narrow alleys. Every corner of this valley weaves a connection to history, inviting you to explore an authentic Morocco.

Zagora Desert from Agadir

Zagora: Pinnacle of Adventure

Finally, arrive in Zagora, where the adventure reaches its pinnacle. A camel ride through the golden dunes takes you to our desert camp. Imagine yourself under a starry sky, swayed by Sahrawi music dancing with the wind. Luxurious bivouacs envelop you in a comfort worthy of One Thousand and One Nights, creating the perfect setting for a magical night in the desert. Every moment becomes a tale of the Moroccan sands, a promise of an unforgettable night under the stars. Get ready to experience the unprecedented in the Zagora desert!
Zagora desert from Agadir or Taghazout
Zagora Desert from Agadir
Camel Ride in the Moroccan Zagora Desert

Day 2: Zagora - Agdz - Taroudant - Agadir

Petit Dejeuner dans le désert Zagora

Magical Wake-up in the Heart of the Dunes

Under a symphony of colors, the sun awakens the dunes, inviting you to a day full of discoveries. Breakfast in the heart of the desert marks the beginning of this new adventure, providing the energy needed to explore the treasures that await you.

Musicien Agdz Maroc

Agdz: Hidden Jewel of Southern Morocco

Your first stop, Agdz, unveils its Amazigh architectures rich in traditions. Every street tells a millennium-old story, transforming this city into a labyrinth of sensory experiences. Explore the well-guarded secrets of this hidden jewel of southern Morocco.

Jbel Kissane

Atlas Mountains: Spectacular Backdrop

Admire the majestic Atlas Mountains shaping the horizon, creating a spectacular backdrop for this memorable day. Jbel Kissane, famous for its shape resembling a tajine dish, adds a touch of Moroccan charm to your itinerary. Take the time to appreciate these panoramic views, engraving each moment in your mind.

cours de cuisine Agadir tajine maroc

Lunch in a Unique 'Resting Place' in Taznakhet

A well-deserved lunch break in a carefully chosen ‘resting place’ is the perfect opportunity to savor local flavors and reflect on the experiences. Let yourself be carried away by the tranquil atmosphere of this special place, preparing your mind for the rest of the day.

Pause photo avec dromadaire

Return to Agadir through Fascinating Landscapes

L’après-midi, reprenez la route pour Agadir à travers les paysages fascinants du Maroc. En passant par Taznakhet, les amateurs de tapis anciens auront l’opportunité de dénicher des trésors uniques. Continuez ensuite votre voyage vers Taroudant, surnommée la “grand-mère de Marrakech”.

Ville de Taroudant

Taroudant: Last Cultural Immersion

The lively streets, bustling souks, and historic ramparts of Taroudant offer a final immersion into the cultural richness of Morocco. Your exceptional adventure concludes in the evening in Agadir, leaving behind memories engraved in your heart. Each step of this day celebrates Moroccan diversity, leaving you grateful for this unforgettable experience in the Zagora Desert. Book now to relive these unique moments!

Zagora Desert from Agadir or Taghazout book now your tour. Experience immersive exploration into Moroccan culture and landscapes. A night in the Moroccan desert is an extraordinary experience to live.

Zagora Desert from Agadir or Taghazout :

What's Included :

vehicule 4X4 pour excursion depuis Agadir

4X4 vehicle for the excursion from Agadir – A comfortable journey in an air-conditioned vehicle from and to your hotel in Agadir or Taghazout.

Immerse yourself in comfort with an overnight stay in our exclusive bivouacs in the heart of the Zagora Desert. Luxurious tents provide you with a cozy refuge under the stars, ensuring an authentic experience without sacrificing well-being.

Discover the richness of Berber cuisine with delicious meals specially prepared for you. From breakfast to dinner, each meal is a gastronomic adventure, awakening your taste buds to the exquisite flavors of the region.

Experience the authenticity of the desert with a camel ride through the majestic dunes of Zagora.

Let yourself be carried away by the magic of Sahrawi music during a unique evening under the starry desert sky. Enchanting melodies create a magical atmosphere, immersing you in the soul of the Sahara.

Stay hydrated and energized throughout your journey with provided water bottles and snacks to satisfy your cravings between meals.

Practical details are taken care of to ensure maximum comfort. Well-planned stops, comfortable seating, and well-deserved lunch breaks are integral to your experience.

What's Not Included :

×     Personal Expenses

×     Alcoholic Beverages

×     Tips for Guides and Staff

×     Optional Activities

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